About us



Partnership Staeger & Sperling works with a professional team of well experienced Patent Attorneys, Lawyers, legal and technical council as well as a supportive staff of patent paralegals and trademark administration and tax experts which allows the firm to handle all kinds of modern services including online filing and data-base searches. The team sets the firm in a position to offer services in nearly all technical fields including mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering, process engineering, physics, chemistry, pharma and life sciences. Partnership Staeger & Sperling has great experience in German and European trademark prosecution before the GPTO, EUIPO and also has acted before the General Court (EGC) in Luxembourg.

The law firm has international reputation with clients and associates in all major industrial countries as the USA, Japan, China, South Korea, South America and the European Community. The skill of the firm covers the fields of patents (national, international and European patents), trademarks (national, international and EU) and the other intellectual property rights like utility models and design patents. The partners regularly attend international congresses and meetings to improve their skills and relations. Frequent visits to associates and clients in the USA, Japan, China and South Korea are usual as well as lecturing on all kinds of intellectual property subjects like patent strategies, Euopean trademark procedures and litigation problems.


International network

We work together with law firms and professionals around the world and we have established a long-term relationship with local law firms. Furthermore we are in personal contat with our clients and we visit regularly our clients in US, Japan, China and South Korea and of course in Europe.




Since decades our law firm’s culture has been to be worth our client’s trust. We demonstrate out trustworthiness day by day with the high skill of our experts. With our enthusiasm as well as with our corporate expertise we serve our client to get the most benefits out of their ideas. The client’s success is our object.